An Auto Broker is a professional position that makes Auto Buying and Leasing easy.  Brokers offer the Ultimate car buying experience. We represent you, not the dealer and strive to get you your dream car at a great price.  Whether you decide to lease or buy, we are here to guarantee you receive the best customer service and deal available. 

Clients use Auto Brokers for a number of reasons:

* They need a new vehicle
* Their current lease is about to expire
* They want to trade in their current viehicle to buy or lease another
* They are in a position where they need another vehicle (i.e. child turning 16, graduation, new baby, etc.)
* They are tired of wasting time at a dealership getting the “run around.”

Overall, an Auto Broker is a person, not a large franchise dealership.  When you contact me for your next automotive purchase/lease, you will be in direct contact with me and only me.  I will be able to evaluate your trade, locate the exact vehicle you are looking for, personally deliver the vehicle to your home or office, even arrange financing, and sign all the necessary paper work.

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I am here to help you.  I am not in this business just to be able to sell you one car.  It is my hope that I make your car buying/leasing experience so enjoyable that you refer your friends, family, and colleagues to buy/lease their next vehicle from me.  I want you to know that I am here 24/7.  The only way my business will succeed is with your help!  I can help you with ANY MAKE, ANY MODEL, BUYING or LEASING.